Flash Report - What to Do When Your Doctor Has Bad News

It's what no one ever wants to hear. "The test results have come back positive."

And yet it's quite likely that you, a loved one or both will one day be given a serious health diagnosis that throws your world into uncertainty, confusion and fear. That means you have two choices:

  • Wish and hope that you or someone you care about never gets really bad news from a physician-and be forced to react quickly and emotionally if that does happen.

  • Be proactive and get a handle now on the best steps to take if you're faced with a major medical diagnosis.

You can likely guess which approach we recommend. With that in mind, we asked one of the nation's top concierge physicians-Dr. Dan Carlin of WorldClinic-for his best advice on what to do (and not do) when the news about your health is really bad. 

Get Grounded 

When faced with a shocking medical diagnosis, it's natural to let emotions-sadness, anger, depression-take over. Another common emotional response, fear, causes many people in these situations to want to immediately hit the ground running and take action for action's sake-for example, by starting whatever treatment is most readily available.

Carlin's advice: Slow down. Start by internalizing two foundational concepts that will help guide you through this process more successfully. 

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Flash Report - What to Do When Your Doctor Has Bad News


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