Our Wealth Management Process

Effective wealth management is based on a continuous process that lasts a lifetime. The Advanced Planning Plan is designed to provide a roadmap with specific steps to help enhance, transfer, and protect wealth. This personalized roadmap assists with the many financial decisions that come with changes and transitions over a lifetime, such as:

  • Marriage and divorce

  • Children

  • Education funding

  • Job changes (new job, job loss)

  • Major purchases (home, car, business)

  • Death of a spouse

  • Elder care

  • Special needs caregiving

  • Receipt of an inheritance

  • Retirement

  • Starting a business

  • Short- and long-term disability

  • Critical illness

  • Tax law changes

  • Estate planning

Our team works in concert with each client’s professional team—accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.—to develop a customized Advanced Planning Plan that serves as the blueprint for addressing each of these challenges. Each plan includes four key areas of focus:

  1. Wealth enhancement aims to produce the best possible investment returns while considering particular risk tolerance tax mitigation strategies. We use a consultative process to identify each client’s current financial situation and challenges, and then work with a team of experts to design solutions to help achieve critical goals.

  2. Wealth transfer focuses on identifying and facilitating the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to succeeding generations, and to do so in a way that meets the wishes of the client. Working together with the client and the client’s attorney, we complete the necessary paperwork to update accounts to reflect estate planning wishes, including beneficiary updates, trust accounts, and account titles. Ensuring accuracy with these details helps ensure wealth is transferred effectively to provide for the client’s family and other beneficiaries according to his or her wishes.

  3. Wealth protection is aimed at protecting assets against potential creditors or litigants, as well as protecting against catastrophic loss through the effective application of life, disability, umbrella, and other insurance products.

  4. Charitable gifting helps fulfill charitable goals and can often support efforts in other areas of the Advanced Planning Plan. In coordination with each client’s attorney, we can change beneficiaries as needed, set up donor advised funds, or assist in any other areas as needed.